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Gods Among Us documentary film contains important and timely information on extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional contact and intelligence.  We approach this delicate topic from the actual experiencer’s perspective as well as credible scientists studying this phenomenon.


We are pleased to introduce our new addition, the Gods Among Us blog page.


The Gods Among Us Blogs are an expression of the topics that are featured in our film, and the consciousness it holds also holds the space for you, so you may enjoy your own unique experiences. The blogs are based on real life experiences and authentic information shared with us by the people who have freely told us their stories.


We believe it really is time to wake up and start expanding our awareness to a multi-dimensional level. By supporting this project, we are also all supporting ourselves, as there is no separation you see! Please feel free to share the blogs you enjoy with others. Let's join together as one, and make a real impact here, and let's have fun doing it! 

























“This story was written by a young woman who is obviously just as fascinated by the phenomenon of “teleportation” as we are. The Gods Among Us Team were happily given permission to share this with all you. It is an unfolding adventure of meeting different people with real life experiences of Light Body travelling!”


"Just a sec, I'll teleport myself to you..."

Teleportation is such a fascinating topic! It may seem very "science fiction", but I believe it's real! Just because I can't do it yet, doesn't mean it can't be done.                                                                                           

If you really think about it, it doesn't make sense that people believe in their fears and not in teleportation. The way I see it, you could pretty much place "fears" in the science fiction category! So let’s put aside all possible doubt for a moment, and explore the possibility of teleportation, being the new transport system, for the future human.

All it takes is an open mind!  To my pleasant surprise, a 90 year old man just happened to be that open minded person…








I was having a conversation with this man, whose family was beginning to wonder if he might be suffering from Alzheimer disease. So I listened to his story and tried to get an idea myself of what may be going on. He told me that he had seen his son outside of his window the other day.  He had stood there looking at him through the glass for a few minutes, and then walked away and disappeared.


He was very certain it had really happened but nobody believed him. The reason for this was that his son lives overseas, about fourteen-thousand kilometres away, and he was definitely not visiting. Well... not physically anyway.


So I made a playful comment and said, "Well, maybe your son teleported himself to you, just to see how you were doing. Wouldn't it be great if we could do that? You could say, 'Just a sec, I'll teleport myself to you!', can you imagine?"


To be honest, I actually expected him to just laugh at me, or maybe even look at me like I had gone completely mad, But he didn't. He took my comment very seriously and said, "Well you say that, and you know I believe in that! I actually think that we humans are capable of doing this, but we are just not evolved enough yet. In fact I believe there are people out there that have already accomplished this!"


And guess what? He very well may be right!








“Teleportation and Gods Among Us…”

As much as I believe in the possibility of teleportation, I have never actually seen anyone do it right before my eyes. However I am beginning to grasp the concept and the mechanics of being able to actually teleport your physical body from one point to another, and I understand that there must be some specific requirements involved.  I am quite sure that it takes a very precise amount of mastery over an extremely pure physical instrument, to be able to transform your physical cells into particles of light. Once you are dissolved into light, your light body may then travel through the transport beams or tunnels, which are present all around us and are a part of our earth's complex energetic grid system.


More details on this topic are discussed in the new and upcoming documentary film by Caroline Cory, "Gods Among Us". Be prepared to have your perception of reality as you know it, shifted forever!


Teleportation might just be a few steps too far ahead for a lot people, but the phenomenon of "Astral Travelling" or "Astral Projection" is a bit more familiar. You might even have had some experiences like this yourself. It is also known as the "out of body experience".


Even though it is most common to have these experiences whilst sleeping or unconscious, there have also been many events reported where the astral travellers have consciously projected themselves into distant places.  They could recall the details of their journey and describe how certain places looked like, where as they had never been there or seen images of these places before. I have also heard of people who have witnessed the astral travellers and felt and seen their presence in the form of light.


Let’s dive a bit deeper into this phenomenon, and see if it brings us any closer to developing our teleportation skills...








“Astral travelling and projection..”


"I remember it as clear as if it happened yesterday. My father went out one night and I followed him because I wanted to know where he was going. The thing is, I was not even two years old and I was supposedly asleep in my bed. I still don't know if I was in my bed, or if it was just a part of me that was outside of my body following my father. The experience was so real! I could feel the cold and the wind outside, the puddles of water that I walked through and being covered in mud. My father didn't see me, and he also didn't hear me when I called out to him."


This story was told to me by an amazing woman I met a long time ago. She was born somewhere in the 1950's, and discovered from a very young age that she was a natural astral traveller. It was something that happened so often and with such ease that she suspected that it was the most normal thing in the world. She also remembers vising family members that lived overseas, just to check up on them as see how they were doing. Afterwards, she could even tell them in detail what they were wearing that evening or what they were doing, and she was right! Later on in life, she had a niece of her own who also lived far away. She would consciously go and visit her in the night time, just to make sure that she was being well protected. Her niece was only about 3 years old or so, and they hardly ever saw each other. However one day when they met again in person, her niece said, "Hey, that's my aunty in white!". Quite amazing that her niece recognized her by her appearance, and had seen the white light body of her aunt in enough detail to know it was her. This experience and proof of the acknowledged visitations, really opened up the minds of the whole family, and suddenly astral travelling was no longer a joke but something to believe in! The experience that still remains a mystery, is whether her first experience from when she was under two years old, was to do with astral travelling or  teleportation.


We may never find out, but we both agreed that in order to really teleport your physical body , transforming it in to a light vessel, it will most likely take a great amount of cellular cleansing and reprogramming, maintaining an ultimately high vibration and absolute purity, to reach that stage of mastery.


I have actually met one person who may have really gotten so far, or at least extremely close! When one of my best friends told me her experience it truly blew my mind...








“I’ll beam myself up Scotty…”


"I was just meditating one night before I went to sleep, and with my eyes closed I saw this bright brilliant white ball of light hovering above my head. I allowed it to just enter through the top of my head and fill my entire body. It felt as though my whole body was just dissolving into this light. I opened my eyes, and to my amazement I saw that my physical body was just this light! I didn't see my skin at all, only light. I touched my arm and I could feel that it was there, but it felt much softer and more airy, and I could see all these strands of energy running through my body of light. The next thing I knew I was travelling, but not like in a dream, I was really experiencing it while being awake! I visited a planet made up of crystal, it sparkled and I absorbed all of these crystalline sparks as they contained important information for me to download and bring back to the earth. Afterwards I just travelled back home to earth and went to sleep."


I believe my friend has now had two or three of these experiences, and the most astounding thing about it all is that she is experiencing this in an awake state. This to me is quite different than the travels we experience during a meditation or a dream, when we are just projecting ourselves into a certain place within the earth plane or our galaxy or universe. Those experiences are of course also very profound and have a great impact on us too, often providing us with valuable insights and answers!


An important detail to mention, is that before my friend had her first light body experience, she had literally and specifically “asked and intended” for this experience just one day before. She said, “I ask and intend that I will go on a cosmic journey like I do in my dreams, but experience it in an awake state!” The type of Being that she is, as well as her physical body, had obviously not only become capable of such an experience, but was also totally ready for it now.








“I am Light…”

Most of us already know that all of existence is made up of energy, but that "knowing" really does reach a whole new level when you deepen it with personal experience. When you truly experience that this physical form is not just this solid mass of flesh and bone, but really another configuration of your energetic formula! Even though we talk about astral travelling and teleportation, I still believe that each individuals experience will be very unique. No two Beings are the same, so no two experiences will be the same.


‚ÄčThat's the fun of it, and a good reason to be clear about what it is that you wish to experience and to master in your conscious life time here on this earth.


In the mean time I am sure you will find the information on teleportation very interesting and inspiring when watching Caroline Cory's documentary, "Gods Among Us".


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It’s time to shift the consciousness of humanity to a whole new level!


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