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Gods Among Us documentary film contains important and timely information on extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional contact and intelligence.  We approach this delicate topic from the actual experiencer’s perspective as well as credible scientists studying this phenomenon.


We are pleased to introduce our new addition, the Gods Among Us blog page.


The Gods Among Us Blogs are an expression of the topics that are featured in our film, and the consciousness it holds also holds the space for you, so you may enjoy your own unique experiences. The blogs are based on real life experiences and authentic information shared with us by the people who have freely told us their stories.


We believe it really is time to wake up and start expanding our awareness to a multi-dimensional level. By supporting this project, we are also all supporting ourselves, as there is no separation you see! Please feel free to share the blogs you enjoy with others. Let's join together as one, and make a real impact here, and let's have fun doing it! 
















“The most important 7 minutes of your day”



“I took a deep breath and I felt it happen…”

A short while ago we received a testimonial from an Omnium student, who shared with us that she had found herself stuck in a deeply sad, heavy, lost and confused state, and just couldn't seem to get herself out of it. Then something happened that completely shifted and uplifted her within minutes! This is her story…

"I know what it feels like to be full of joy, feel my heart expand, and feel free and in love with life. That’s what makes the "down days" even worse for me! I have been following Omnium classes and meditations for years now, and I know that when I was doing my connections and meditations every day, I felt amazing! There are times when life starts getting busier and more hectic, and slowly but surely I start to take less time to really stop what I am doing and focus on being in a pure space, quiet my mind and do a proper connection.

When I start to worry about things that haven't even happened yet, and don't take the time  to clear the blocks that are surfacing, my vibration just slows down. My mood gets heavier, my head hurts, my heart aches and I feel like I am in a small compressed space.

Even though I have learnt that I am the creator of my reality, when I get sucked into this world of very low frequency thoughts and feelings, like doubt, fear and sadness, and feeling  angry about the way I feel, I don’t even have the strength to do anything about it at that point. It all just seems so hopeless.

Just a short while ago I was in a space like this, and I was really battling to get myself to snap out of it. It was like this impossible dark heavy cloud was just holding me down and there was no way out. This one night I went to bed crying and woke up crying, and there I was just sitting on the couch downstairs in the dark feeling absolutely miserable. I suddenly felt very strongly guided to reach for my phone, put my earphones in and listen to the 7 minute “Connecting to Source Meditation” by Caroline Cory.

I really didn't feel like doing it, but I just did it anyway. I remember sitting there in tears, full of resistance, and pressed play.

Caroline’s voice and taking those deep breaths made me feel more calm and centred within the first minute. Then that moment arrived, being at the centre of the universe, at Source, and suddenly I stopped crying and fell silent. I took a deep breath, and I felt it happen... as I brought that particle of Source light back with me, all the sadness dissolved. I felt myself just stabilize, like I was anchored and connected in a strong beam of light, and I was "back".

A big smile appeared upon my face. This simple yet immensely powerful 7 minute mediation shifted me from “destructive” to “divine” before I was half way through. I made an agreement with myself that as from now, I will never skip taking the time to focus on a clear strong connection, no matter how busy my day is. Even if I do nothing else the whole day, these 7 minutes are the most important to me. If I am aligned, the rest of my day will be too."



It really is wonderful to hear about these profound experiences of people shifting their realities from low vibration thoughts and feelings to high vibration ones! How does this really work? What and where are we plugging into that allows us to feel stable, connected and expanded again, instead of lost and confused?

If you follow Caroline’s Online classes, such as The Healers Program you will hear Caroline talk about her experiences she had from a young age where she could actually identify subtle energies.

​Caroline worked on herself for years, finding ways to make sense of all her personal experiences, and eventually it became more clear to her how her own brain was functioning. She discovered that our brain has the same "design" or "blueprint" as our Universe, and is therefore connected to it and coherent with it. It didn’t make sense at all to only be using a small part of our brain. Optimally, we are to use our "full brain", engaging our brain fully in order to be fully connected and to raise our vibration to specific frequencies.

The way our brain “connects” with the planetary, galactic and universal structures that it is coherent with, is through the “mind channel” alignment. Caroline explains how there are 3 mind channels, each with a specific configuration, that play a highly important role when it comes to our ultimate state of wellbeing and creative abilities.

​Caroline observed how some people had their energetic mind channels just hanging around and flying all over the place. You can imagine it to look like long feelers searching for a signal, searching for something to plug into, for some kind of information to absorb, but with absolutely no clear sense of direction!Then Caroline also observed people whose energy fields were expanded, and she could see that they were connected in an organic way to galactic frequencies. However, because there was fear and confusion about this connection, probably on a subconscious level, that energy would just be coming back, unable to sustain the connection.

​These images below, from the online course The Healers Program, will give you a good visual of what it looks like when you are lost, confused, stressed , disconnected and overloaded with information that does not serve your optimal health and wellbeing at all.


“Plugging in with our energetic mind channels”

There was a huge difference between the people Caroline observed who had their mind channels flying all over the place, or pointed straight up with clear direction, maintaining an optimal connection. It was obvious that the cellular vibration within the expanded and connected person’s body were much higher, and their physical health was much better. These 3 "mind channels" extend out from our brain and connect us to real and specific locations and this  "alignment" is very important.  Connecting to the planetary grid properly is the first step! ​Once you raise your vibration and expand your energy field out to connect with the New Earth grid, you are then able to expand even further within the next frequency range. You then connect with your “Spirit Self” and with the galactic core at the centre of our milky way. This connection is really important when it comes to receiving clear guidance! Once you are merged with your Spirit Self, you then become merged with your Universal Self, plugging into the centre of our universe... the heart and the mind of Source!

This connection is what we call "Being aligned with Source and your entire Being!" Check out the image below, how does it feel?




“An infinity of universal wisdom and adventure awaits you…”

This is what you could look like, if it is your desire to connect with your entire Being (by this we mean your whole consciousness), receive clear guidance and experience optimal health and wellbeing. There is so much information out there, so many fear based and mind controlling systems that it has become vitally important for us to awaken and start to remember that we truly are the creators of our reality and our lives.

When your first priority is to focus on creating a strong and pure energy field and divine space around you, and aligning your mind channels properly every day, you will not only feel more expansion, clarity and freedom, but you will be very clear in what feels good and true to you or not. We need to begin by getting our own discernment very clear, otherwise we will be blindly following anyone, any movement or opinion that comes our way, and be pulled around on all sides.

​There is so much more out there to explore, more than you can imagine. An infinity of universal wisdom and adventure awaits you. The teachings of Omnium Universe is about such consciousness expansion, bringing new universal frequencies that allow you to shift your reality to an infinite amount of "next levels", if it is what you choose and desire.




“The time to truly awaken has come…”

What we are offering you now, is the option ​to tap into and integrate the new information we are making available for you. This new wave of Universal Consciousness will shift humanity into a next level of awakening, and we are happy that we are doing this together!

​If nobody ever told you that you really do have energetic mind channels that are flying all over the place, and that there is a way to focus on redirecting them in a proper way into specific grid systems, how would you know?

Maybe you never realized that it is not part of your true nature to be kept small and controlled and dependent, but that you are the creator of your reality, with a direct and unique connection to the Creator Source of our universe.

If you grow up believing that it’s normal to be physically ill and tired as you age, and never heard before that this is a cellular vibration issue that can be restored and reprogramed, how would you ever find out?

​That is why we are telling you, and at the same time asking you to start by focussing on training your own mind channels to become stronger and more solid within the proper configurations. So once again, go ahead and listen to the YouTube version of connecting to Source or download it from the iTunes Store, and make it a part of your daily routine.

​Our Gods Among Us film project is in post-production now, but we are still very grateful to everyone who will continue to help us spread the word about this profound work and help us to fund this film to the fullest so that we can really reach main stream audiences in the best ways possible. The new consciousness and information we are bringing, the topics discussed in the film, and all the interviews are mind blowing. We believe that humanity is ready for this now! Are you ready?

This is an invitation to discover more about your galactic and universal heritage, your soul lineage and about inter-dimensional contact and co-existence with extraterrestrial life right here on our earth!

​Please keep your eyes open for our upcoming blogs, as we will dive a bit deeper into the connection of our mind channel alignment to our “earth grid”, and how this effects or experience of "reality"!

​Thank you for being on this amazing journey with us, but most of all, thank you for BEING!

Love, The Gods Among Us Team.

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