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Gods Among Us documentary film contains important and timely information on extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional contact and intelligence.  We approach this delicate topic from the actual experiencer’s perspective as well as credible scientists studying this phenomenon.


We are pleased to introduce our new addition, the Gods Among Us blog page.


The Gods Among Us Blogs are an expression of the topics that are featured in our film, and the consciousness it holds also holds the space for you, so you may enjoy your own unique experiences. The blogs are based on real life experiences and authentic information shared with us by the people who have freely told us their stories.


We believe it really is time to wake up and start expanding our awareness to a multi-dimensional level. By supporting this project, we are also all supporting ourselves, as there is no separation you see! Please feel free to share the blogs you enjoy with others. Let's join together as one, and make a real impact here, and let's have fun doing it! 
















This will change the way you think forever







“Being the creator of your own reality”


Most of you may have heard many times before that you are the “Creator of your own reality”, but maybe up until now it has not been quite clear how this truly works. In Caroline Cory’s book, “The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God”, the world of thought is revealed in such a new way, that it will most likely change the way you think forever…



Once you acknowledge the fact that all of existence is made up of energy, and that all energy is alive and has the potential to manifest in an infinite number of forms, you are just getting warmed up. Understanding that your very own thoughts are therefore also a form of energy with their own vibrational frequency, making it a form of consciousness, will take you that step further into some life changing discoveries and experiences.



In case you did not realize this before, your thoughts travel faster than the speed of light, which is then faster than 299 792 458 m per second.
"What? Thoughts travel FASTER than the SPEED OF LIGHT!?"
Yes! We understand that this sounds insanely fast, and it is! However, this truth is an important one to fully grasp, if you have the desire to be the creator of your own reality!                                          






“You are creating as you think”


Thought energy, also called “Mind Energy” is what creates. Your thoughts are actually showing you what it is that you are focusing on with your mind. This energy is very much alive, it can be transmuted and transformed and be given direction, but it does not just simply disappear or cease to exist. The thoughts you are sending out are actually manifesting into reality somewhere in one way or the other. The frequency of your thought energy is going to be attracting other energy forms that match it’s vibration. This is what The Law of Attraction is about, the matching of energies that resonate with each other.  

This is the reason why you truly are the creator of your own reality. You are the one that is sending out your thought energy, and your thoughts are based on your own belief systems!







“Energy… the language of the Universe”


Research has concluded that we think an average of 70 thousand thoughts per day! That’s a lot of thoughts. It’s about 3000 per hour, 50 per minute, just under one per second. Unless you have already mastered your human mind and have achieved perfect mind quieting skills, a thought per second is about right!        



Now take into account that your thoughts are travelling faster than the speed of light, and that it has the potential to manifest into physical reality… and ask yourself, “What am I really thinking about and telling myself all day, and do I really want these thoughts to become my reality?”
W are sure it will not be your desire, when you suddenly realize that a lot of your thoughts are based on fear, worry, doubt, judgement and all the "what if's".



So as we all awaken to the truth that what we are doing individually and collectively as we think, is communicating with the universe… it seems like a good idea to start to understand what on earth we are doing, and change the way we think.



It’s time for us to become “conscious thinkers” and therefore be the Conscious Creators of our lives.







“Focus is the key”


“Focus” is one of the key principals when it comes to consciously creating your reality and your experiences. When you hold any thought for at least 14 seconds, an actual cluster of energy is created. This is very important, because when you do this, these clusters of energy (your thought, your intent, your focus!) automatically launch the process of creation and materialization. The generated cluster of thought energy, does not just cease to exist when you shift your focus to the next thought. It does not just go away because you shove it to the side. These energy clusters now exist in a layer of reality which is called, "The World of Probability".



The actual manifestation of your thought clusters, depends on the momentum it has created. The intensity and power with which it was created is going to influence the momentum, meaning the speed it gains as it moves into manifestation. The slower the momentum, the slower the manifestation.


When your thought is more precise, focused and controlled, the momentum will be more powerful. In this case, it's manifestation into physical reality will be a lot faster!

If we are creating these thought clusters within a number of seconds, just imagine what happens when we concentrate and focus our energy on a specific thought for many minutes or even for a half an hour, like during meditation.



The point is to learn to use this creative ability of ours to our advantage!



All this information is just a tiny part of one of the chapters in Caroline’s book. You can read all about this and so much more in “The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God”,  which you will find in the packages you can pledge for as a supporter of the Gods Among Us film project.







“The universe does not judge”


Here on the earth, we think in terms of good and bad, positive and negative, but this is not how the universe works. There is a whole network invisible to our human eyes, which is constantly helping and assisting to transform energy clusters into physical reality.



The universe doesn't say, "Hey, this thought here does not sound like a good idea. Let’s skip this one". You see on that level there is no judgment on what is good or bad, there is just energy. Energies have different vibrations. What we call negative thoughts and emotions, are energies with lower vibrations. What we call positive thoughts and emotions are higher vibrations of energy. So this energy, whatever vibration it has, is being taken and given life.
It really is about the principal of "Ask and you shall receive".


This manifested energy of yours, is going to be matched with other energies of its type. What happens next is that the situations or people you are going to be attracting, are going to be a perfect match to the energy which you have created.  







“Being honest about your true thoughts and feelings”


An important thing to remember is that you can’t fake energy. It’s good to take the time to really look at what your true feelings and thoughts are, especially if you are quite certain you have being doing a lot of asking for what your heart truly desires, and feel like you are getting the exact opposite!


You see, when your heart wants one thing, but somewhere in your mind there is doubt, fear or lack of trust, it is going to form a subconscious block. These blocks stand in your way of creating what you really want. Sometimes we want certain things for the wrong reasons, and yes also then, you will find there are blocks which are clogging up your energetic flow. Other times we think we know what we want, but there are better things awaiting us on our path a bit further along. In times like these, you just need to be sure your thoughts are clean and clear If what you are manifesting still doesn't look like what you had in mind... just keep going with absolute faith. Somewhere along the line you will end up being pleasantly surprised.







All of this information and practical tools and exercises, can be discovered by reading the books and following the classes by Caroline Cory, founder of Omnium Universe.



The books "The visible and invisible worlds of God" and "God among us” are both available as part of the pledge packages as we have mentioned, and you will find this on the Gods Among Us Home page. You will be investing in your own personal development and consciousness expansion, as well as supporting our film project, “Gods Among Us”.



This is a documentary feature film on the extraterrestrial and non-human presence onEarth in both physical and non-physical form as well as inter-dimensionally. The film examines how contact and communication occur and their effect on the human consciousness as it evolves within a larger galactic citizenship. Leading scientists share their insights and laboratory research on such phenomena as telepathy, transfer of energy and interstellar contact between the worlds.


Thank you for being on this journey with us and enjoy creating in a new way!



Love, The Gods Among Us Team




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