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Gods Among Us documentary film contains important and timely information on extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional contact and intelligence.  We approach this delicate topic from the actual experiencer’s perspective as well as credible scientists studying this phenomenon.


We are pleased to introduce our new addition, the Gods Among Us blog page.


The Gods Among Us Blogs are an expression of the topics that are featured in our film, and the consciousness it holds also holds the space for you, so you may enjoy your own unique experiences. The blogs are based on real life experiences and authentic information shared with us by the people who have freely told us their stories.


We believe it really is time to wake up and start expanding our awareness to a multi-dimensional level. By supporting this project, we are also all supporting ourselves, as there is no separation you see! Please feel free to share the blogs you enjoy with others. Let's join together as one, and make a real impact here, and let's have fun doing it! 
















A “Behind The Scenes” Journey into Music From Source







The Gods Among Us film project is still very much alive, and we are so grateful for the all the generous contributions that continue to flow in, as we keep taking this project to the next level!



One of the available items in return for your contribution, is the special edition Music From Source album: “Cosmic Communication” which is only and exclusively available through the Gods Among Us website!



During an exclusive interview with Dr. Frits Evelein, composer of Music From Source, we were taken on a journey “behind the scenes” to dive deeper into the details of this unique “music” and of course of the new album! You will find this album on the Gods Among Us website.







There is a massive amount of relaxing and meditative music available all over the internet and YouTube, so we asked Frits what makes Music From Source so different to the music that people already know?



In the first place Music From Source (MFS) is a very personal experience. It is about each Being discerning en experiencing for themselves,  the resonance they have with this energy and consciousness and the way it supports them in their unique awakening.



There is indeed a lot of music available for expansion and relaxation. Music that works on the body, the energy field, the chakra’s and for healing. What most expressions have in common is that they are planetary. Some are a bit more expanded, like solar. This means that the energy translated through the sounds have a dimensional range and frequency that matches the planet and solar system. That is great because it serves that purpose!



The intention of Music from Source, is to bring the new frequencies from Source in a direct and powerful way by tapping into it at the Universal Source.



Interestingly enough,  “Music From Source” is not really music at all. This may sound a bit confusing at first, but Frits explained it to us as follows…



Music From Source is indeed  sound, but its essence is Consciousness! It translates multi-dimensional energies and frequencies  aligned with Source and Universal Consciousness, and the universal mathematics and formulas from which our Divine DNA is created through sounds. These frequencies are renewing infinitely and multi-dimensionally. The intention of Music from Source, is to support listeners in rememberingtheir Source connection and their Universal Consciousness Essence which is Divine. Source is the Heart of Creation. It’s essence is located at the center of our Universe and all of existence is an expression of Source! The “music” is not bringing something from outside of you. It supports the resonance from within!  Your consciousness begins to resonate with these sounds and starts to vibrate in a very natural and gentle way, as it awakens to the remembrance of its origin.








We noticed that Frits uses very new sounds, sounds that have no reference to the well-known musical instruments or structures or sounds of the planet. This helps to keep our experience open so that we do not subconsciously start to tap into old information and associations. By using sounds with less repetition, hardly any melody or harmonic progressions, the mind stays open and receptive for new energies. It is fascinating but true… Music From Source does not stick in the brain like many melodies do! These are certainly very unique features, yet we were interested to find out how Music From Source is created, and what part of Frits is creating it?



In the process of learning to create MFS, I actually unlearned all that I know and learned as a musician. This included letting go of harmonics, melody, rhythm, tonality, sounds and even the (muscular) practice of playing instruments. I started anew, with a clean slate, without any musical programming left. Even starting to make music on a computer was new for me, I had never done it before.



The essence of creating MFS, is quieting my mind and raising my vibration. I merge with my Spirit Self, align my brain channels, and then I start at Source, from a high alignment with Universal Consciousness. In this state I become the intended energy that is to be translated. The information and energy flows through my body and guides the selection of sounds and tones that can hold these multi-dimensional energies in audible sounds. These sounds can be experienced and integrated into our body and time-space experience. 



I always have the feeling that MFS is created through me, like there is not much of “me” doing the work. This does not mean it is channeled by other beings. It is my “human identity” that is stepping aside to let Higher Consciousness and Source presence do this work. Even listening back to much of my music I feel amazed about having composed it.


I feel almost as if I did not do the work at all. So the intent is not to compose the music, but to let it express itself organically and effortlessly through a deep alignment with Source.



Frits started making this music in 2010, after being guided during various mediations by Caroline Cory, founder of Omnium Universe, using The Omnium Method. We asked Frits to tell us more about the direct connection between the Omnium Method and Music From Source.



This link is very obvious for me. The whole process of reprogramming while making this music was based on the Omnium Method. Each piece that is created is always based on Source, and comes into existence by using the alignment with Higher Consciousness and Source. The music is free, meaning there is no method in it. It is just pure energy based on universal principles, that works by means of organic resonance as you and your Spirit Self allow it to register.



The creation of MFS is profoundly based on the OMnium Method, the Mastering the Human Mind process, the Healing and Creative principles and the awakening of the Soul Identity in the human experience, as expressed and taught in the OMnium method.


Being able to create from this consciousness  has to do with the amount of awakening and mastery of the Higher Consciousness of the person who is creating, and is of course not only about the technique, instrument or device being used.








Frits has created a new album, a “special edition” called Cosmic Communication. The process was truly significant and Frits shared some of his most profound moments with us…



This process was amazing and new for me I have to say! I have experienced universal and galactic energies many times, but while making this music all of this shifted spontaneously to a complete new level and intensity.



I received the inspiration when I heard about the Gods Among Us “Kickstarter” crowdfunding project. My idea was to create an album as a unique donation for this project. An album that would translate the amazing beauty of our Galactic citizenship in a new way, so that the listeners can experience this deeply within themselves.



I organically started feeling the expansion into multi-dimensional consciousness, and the structure of the album formed itself directly right from the start in this way. I opened up even more to experience these galactic realms, energies and Beings from within.



I had vivid experiences of the relationship we have with the Pleiades, as many humans will know within their Higher Consciousness. I felt the energy and communication of beings that are around us, like the Galactic Light Beings, emanating galactic light and formulas as a language of light and brilliant mathematics.




Andromedan Message of Universal Love.




The Andromedan message of Universal Love just poured through me effortlessly. I feel the huge flow of unconditional love from Creator Source, being expressed towards our planet by these beings from the Andromeda Galaxy, waking us up to our innate birthright of being this love expression.



The Diamond planet allowed me to feel this brilliant dimension, where Melchizedeck teachers of universal knowledge and love hold the space for deep entrained knowledge, merging, and transfer.



The Divine Son, the “Galactic Prince” was an amazing new experience for me! The experience of becoming this energy and consciousness that holds the whole Galaxy in his consciousness and love. Emanating Creator’s presence, love  and creative renewal to all the stars, systems, planets,  and all life in his galaxy.



The Counsel of the Galactic and Universal affairs, opened me up to the experience and vision of this amazing dimension of Creator presence. I experienced it as a gigantic hall of pure diamond light, where the walls and ground are made of the unconditional love energy of Creator. The Law of Creation is the very structure of this dimension, like pure sound. In this space I observed the different representatives of galaxies, bringing forth their plans and intentions for the evolution of Creation. It was all based on free will, held perfectly in unconditional love and the principles of creation.



With The Cosmic web, I  experienced the embodiment of the multi-galactic reality as being the body of the universe. It was like I could feel how this  “body of Creator” translated into my physical body,  just like a holograph. I feel the graceful evolution of creation, like dancing textures of the universe, as the infinite light beams and pathways form a massive web of living light.








Everybody will have their own unique experiences of course! Frits had his own intense personal experiences while making this album, and many Music From Source listeners have deeply profound experiences when they listen to this music. We asked Frits in what way this specific album will be supporting those who listen to it?



It depends on the listener of course, however my intent is that they have a deep and loving feeling of being at home where they are in their body, and in their human life. That they feel like they are being held by a loving Consciousness that holds all of Creation, the Earth, the Galaxy and the Universe… like being a cell in the body of Creator.



I have seen and experienced many listeners in my workshops that felt deeply moved by the Andromendan message,  as they feel the Love presence of Creator awakening in their human body. So this expansion and awakening to higher consciousness, and being a loving part of creation is the main goal. Of course this always goes with supporting stress release, healing, and awakening on many levels.








 Frits is a big supporter of the Gods Among Us film project, and he shared his vision with us on why he believes this documentary film is so important…



The creation of this movie is a focal point for translating universal consciousness in a new way. It makes it easier for people to realize that what they feel and experience is more real than they ever thought it was, or were told. This project is also holding the consciousness and information of being a part of the whole picture of Creation. It offers new ways to experience Source and the laws of creation within yourself, and how all universal principles are based on connectedness and love.


Of course I myself love to create and to focus on Source, Universal Consciousness, the New Earth and Humanity. Seeing this project being created with this intent gives me the energy to take part in it and share it with others.








Gods Among Us  is a documentary feature film on the extraterrestrial and non-human presence on Earth in both physical and non-physical form as well as inter-dimensionally. The film examines how contact and communication occur and their effect on the human consciousness as it evolves within a larger galactic citizenship. Leading scientists share their insights and laboratory research on such phenomena as telepathy, transfer of energy and interstellar contact between the worlds.


Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey and co-creating with us, by sharing this information with others and supporting our project!



Love, The Gods Among Us Team

















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