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Gods Among Us documentary film contains important and timely information on extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional contact and intelligence.  We approach this delicate topic from the actual experiencer’s perspective as well as credible scientists studying this phenomenon.


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The Beauty of "Asking"




Asking is such a wonderful and essential "creative tool", yet most people are completely unaware of their own creative powers. If you are reading this now, it is probably because you are ready to find out more about how asking will change your life. As from now you will most likely experience "asking" in a completely new way, and really see the magnificent Beauty in it.

One of the students from OMnium Universe shared their personal insights with us, after some significant experiences that took place that had to do with "asking".






"Asking Always used to be terrifying for me, especially as a child. The possibility of getting a "No" felt so painful that I would just avoid asking all together. A "No" felt like a personal rejection, and also the "end of the story" as far as whatever I was asking for was concerned.


​As I grew up my perception on asking began to shift, and I learnt that you had to ask in order to receive. It made sense after all that if you don't voice your desires, how will anyone ever know what you want or how you feel? However, if you are still dependent on someone else’s yes or no, that does make things a bit tricky. I suppose that is why you sometimes hear young children wishing they were "grown up", because at least then they can make their own decisions. Being able to make your own decisions does give a sense of freedom. Freedom to choose and freedom to create, seems to be quite important to us, and it is. Even when it comes to parenting and teaching, I am sure we shouldn't only be the final decision makers for our children, but learn how to create and offer alternative routes once we understand what is truly needed... but that is another story all together!






When I followed the OMnium online classes "Mastering your Guidance System", I was amazed to learn that we each have our own divine guidance system here on earth. I have spirit family and guides and angels or other beings from source, all here to support me! I was told that it is really important to ask in order for your desired intention to manifest or to get a clear answer to your question.

However the experiences I had recently made me see "asking" in a completely new way! What happened was that a friend of mine who was troubled over a personal issue, asked another friend for help. She wanted to get to the bottom of it and clear all the misaligned energies and blocks. They had both done the online course by Caroline Cory called "The Healers Program" and help each other out like that once in a while.




I noticed that a few times in a row, every time the one asked for help, and the other tuned in and received visions on how to solve the issue, the most amazing things happened. It was like there were completely new energies being brought down and anckered into the earth. It felt like the issues that were being resolved, were also major themes within the collective consciousness of humantity. The individual shift was also clearly contributing to the greater good of all. When one shifts their energy, and expands and transmutes the old energies into high pure frequency, there is a ripple effect that occurs, that would never have happened if the asking had never taken place.
​I could see how the asking was also a beautiful co-creation coming to life.


I then realized that I may have been understanding the concept of asking all wrong for quite some time. As If asking is like having to ask for a cookie!? The cookie is there already made, it is what you want and it's waiting for you. All you need to do is ask for it and only then will you get it.




It is not like that at all! Asking is not about receiving this ready made solution. In fact maybe we shouldn't be saying "ask and you shall receive", but more like, "Ask and you shall create!".


There is nothing there for you to ask "for" that you are going to get.

All there is, is infinite potential!

​Asking... is creating! Creating a NEW masterpiece each and every time!







​There is so much Beauty in asking, and by Beauty I don't mean "beautiful".
I’m talking about the divine principal of Beauty. Beauty through the eyes of Creator!   It is about perfect symmetry, formulas, divine geometry, universal mathematics, perfectly coherent patterns and structures and formations, balance, and harmony!
That is the beauty of asking! When you ask you are bringing new energies, creating new formulas, opening new portals, tapping into the universal archives and into Multi dimensional layers of information, so that what you are asking for comes to life... in a way that has never been done before!


"Be careful what you wish for" applies here too, as the language of the universe is "frequency". Be specific about what you are asking for. Be sure that it is what you want. Articulate properly. Just to say it again, be SPECIFIC!
​Once you start practicing the art and mastery of asking, you will truly experience yourself as being the Creator of your life and reality.


So asking is no shame, it's not a bad thing, it doesn’t mean you failed or that you couldn't do it on your own. It's about creating and co-creating something new. If you never asked the question, that insight, or that creation would never have been thought of, and would never have manifested. In the end you will be looking with amazement at what has happened and feel happy because what you created is such a gift.







I also realized that when you ask someone else a question, they are learning too!
When you ask, you are giving the other a reason to do some universal-brain-storming. Their mind channels align and they tap into the needed information and retrieve it in their own unique way.


When they answer you, you may think that they just have all the answers ready in their head, all the time. Meanwhile they just got that information fresh from the universe, and as they tell you their answer or share their insights, they are learning as they speak, and are understanding the information at a deeper level themselves too.


Asking invites us to expand further and to dive deeper.
It truly is a magnificent thing to do, and to be able to do while we are here having this human experience on the earth now. The time to ask is Now!
Say it out loud, or as a prayer. Just start, and as you continue along you will feel the power of it building up, and feel yourself becoming more centered and focused.



When I notice that I am feeling a bit stressed out, I just repeat this sentence, "I ask and intend to raise my vibration to one thousand hertz". I say it over and over, just calmly, and each time I take a deep breath in-between. I notice my voice changing each time I say it, and I feel my energy shift! Saying "I ask and I intend" is like shooting an arrow off a bow and allowing it to soar off towards it's target!



If anyone feels uncertain about how to even start asking, you will find some Ask and Intend exercises at the back section of all Caroline Cory's books. These practical tools are very powerful and useful! I hope everyone feels more motivated to start asking a lot more. Make sure it is from your heart, and enjoy all the masterpieces you will create and co-create!







​We hope you enjoyed reading this, and that you realize how important it is to ask and also how fun it can be! If you go to the Gods Among Us Home page, you will find a number of packages that will support you in learning, experiencing and practicing the mastery of asking and creating.



You will receive the package of your choice in return for your contribution as a supporter of our film project Gods Among Us, such as:


- The Healers Program
​- Mastering the Creative Formula
- Mastering the Human Mind


​There are also packages that include the Ebook, "The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God". There is a section at the back that will support you in learning how to ask. There are many many topics, such as Protection and Guidance, Inner Peace, Financial Security, Career Development, Relationships, Health... just to name a few!



​If you wish to receive more detailed information about these packages and courses feel free to contact us via the Gods Among Us website where you will find our contact details!







GODS AMONG US is a documentary feature film on the extraterrestrial and non-human presence on Earth in both physical and non-physical form as well as inter-dimensionally. The film examines how contact and communication occur and their effect on the human consciousness as it evolves within a larger galactic citizenship. Leading scientists share their insights and laboratory research on such phenomena as telepathy, transfer of energy and interstellar contact between the worlds.


Thank you for your interest and committed support, we are enjoying this all so much together with all of you,


​Love, The Gods Among Us Team



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