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Gods Among Us documentary film contains important and timely information on extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional contact and intelligence.  We approach this delicate topic from the actual experiencer’s perspective as well as credible scientists studying this phenomenon.


We are pleased to introduce our new addition, the Gods Among Us blog page.


The Gods Among Us Blogs are an expression of the topics that are featured in our film, and the consciousness it holds also holds the space for you, so you may enjoy your own unique experiences. The blogs are based on real life experiences and authentic information shared with us by the people who have freely told us their stories.


We believe it really is time to wake up and start expanding our awareness to a multi-dimensional level. By supporting this project, we are also all supporting ourselves, as there is no separation you see! Please feel free to share the blogs you enjoy with others. Let's join together as one, and make a real impact here, and let's have fun doing it! 
















Experience the Mastery of your Emotions







“The Guides you have been living with for all this time”



Guidance is something we all need in one form or another during the course of our lives. It's the support and the help that you search for that will hopefully point you in the right direction so you understand what is really going on. Then you can decide what choice to make or which next step to take. However if you take a look at the kind of guidance we have been taught to confide in, you may notice that almost all of the options are guidance sources which are outside of ourselves. You may look for all your answers on the internet, ask your mother for advice, turn to your friends, maybe just contact a psychic, or anyone that will just tell you what to do. At least then you can attempt to escape that horrible storm in your head of endless confusion.


You may have heard many times, "Just follow your heart", but if your heart is just as full of all kinds of mixed emotions as your head is of thoughts and beliefs, where do you even start?



That is why we are very excited to share with all of you, that you have been walking around with probably the most valuable and reliable guidance system there is, while being in this physical human form!


This guidance system is called your EMOTIONS.



It is actually really essential for us to become aware of the fact that our emotions are our greatest gift when it comes to clear guidance. It just takes some time to develop the skills to really make the most of it. You can train yourself to become the master of your emotions, and develop a really powerful and useful emotional guidance system. Your guidance system includes your Spirit Self, your Universal Consciousness, Spirit Family and Spirit Guides. When you ask and intend to tune into the frequency of “The Cosmic Mind”, which is present throughout the collective thought matrix and includes all human and non-human thoughts, our human mind becomes linked with the Divine Mind. This is where our spirit guides meet us, as our minds focus on prayer, meditation and higher inspiration.



For now let’s focus on our human emotions, and what an amazing gift they are when it comes to navigating our way towards mastery of the human mind and the human condition.








“An amazing discovery…”



This is a testimonial from an Omnium Student who shared his experience with us,

 about his discovery concerning his emotions:



"I used to wish that that emotions came with little pop up signs that told me what the deeper meaning was of what I was feeling. I thought it would make things easier. At least then I would understand what the trigger of the emotion was before I took any action. All I wanted was to be this guy that just reacted calmly and reasonably in every situation, and never let anyone throw me off balance. I hated feeling angry. It made me feel like I was losing control and making a fool of myself. Worst of all, I just didn’t understand where the anger was coming from. It would just burst through me like a raging flame! Before I knew it I had already reacted by shouting and it was too late to even consider a different way of reacting.



When I followed the Mastering your Emotional System classes I was blown away! My first thought was, why don't we learn this stuff at school? We experience emotions throughout our entire lives, and only now in my 40's am I truly grasping the functionality of it all!



I learnt to observe what I was feeling and in what way I was feeling it, where I was feeling it, and why!



I learnt how to identify exactly what I was feeling and I could indeed see how much of it is learned behaviour. I now finally understand that my emotions are actually a very useful tool when it comes to creating what I truly want in my life.”








“Emotions are my Messengers”



“During this series of classes, I took advantage of the opportunity to completely reprogram and recreate my emotional system. In fact my emotions have become my own inner navigation system. I believe that the most amazing discovery for me, was when it became clear how my emotions are telling me more about what is hidden in my subconscious. My subconscious is called that for a reason, obviously because there is information stored there that I am not fully aware of yet. I am sure I react from my subconscious a lot, and it takes daily practise to pin point what is being triggered there, but this is where my emotions come in!



Now that I can see that emotions are all “messengers”, I choose to take the time to recognize the blocks and old beliefs that come to the surface.


I use the Omnium Method to resolve them from my conscious, subconscious and cellular memory.  

You see, once I “get the message”, it is up to me to now decide what I want to create!



I also discovered  that I had been having an emotional reaction to my emotions!

Like I mentioned earlier, I hated feeling angry. I was already angry, and then on top of that I felt angry about the anger. That is a whole lot of layers to get through, and quite a mission if you have no idea why all of this is taking place. Seeing my anger as a messenger helped me to be ok with feeling that way, and gave me the space I needed to get to the bottom of it!”








“Mastering my Emotions”


“I came to the conclusion that my angry reactions towards others in all kinds of situations, had to do with me constantly feeling like I was being criticized and put down. It became clear to me that I had a painful spot that kept being poked at, as it was asking for attention so that it could heal.



It was about the belief that no matter what I do or how hard I try, it is never good enough. I had the belief that I was never fully appreciated and there was always going to be something that I had done wrong.


Now that I have really worked on this block, thanks to this course on Mastering my Emotions, I can really feel the difference. I notice that I don't have that same reaction anymore, because it is no longer resonating with the block. The block is simply not there anymore.

I have replaced it with new and helpful beliefs, that will help me along my path in life, in alignment with my higher purpose, and this truly gives me joy!


It was a very good process for me to go through. It has made my life a whole lot more pleasurable and I am using my emotions as my trusted guides and reacting from a totally new space now"








We really hope this testimonial has shed light on how valuable your emotions are!

Caroline Cory founder of Omnium Universe, and creator / producer of the film I Am the Universe I Am Love, and of the upcoming documentary Gods Among Us, said the following about understanding our emotions:


“Emotions are a primordial tool in recognizing what feels good and what does not as we interact with the physical world. Our Spirit Self uses emotions as a guidance system while we navigate through the physical. They are precursors to choice and decision-making. Therefore emotions are not only necessary but also crucial to our spiritual and creative evolution. Additionally, emotions are the tools by which we are able to “purge” the detrimental energies being accumulated or stored in your physical body and transmute them into beneficial thought forms. The emotions of anger or strong sadness for example allow us to experience negative feelings powerfully so we may re-channel them appropriately. Rather than suppressing these emotions, it is more constructive to embrace and utilize them as powerful tools in reshaping our experience.
For those who wish to go deeper into this work, try this class”: MASTERING YOUR EMOTIONS


This very powerful and valuable series of classes are now available on our “perks” page  in return for your contribution as a supporter of our film project, Gods Among Us!

Caroline Cory’s film I Am the Universe I am Love is also included in this contribution package, as well as the digital download of Gods Among Us when it is released.


We are about to move into a new year, 2017! Imagine the gift it will be to yourself to start this year with the intention of becoming the master of your emotions, completing the course and putting it into daily practice. Remember to stay open the highest possible outcomes that will manifest because of that!







GODS AMONG US is a documentary feature film on the extraterrestrial and non-human presence on Earth in both physical and non-physical form as well as inter-dimensionally. The film examines how contact and communication occur and their effect on the human consciousness as it evolves within a larger galactic citizenship. Leading scientists share their insights and laboratory research on such phenomena as telepathy, transfer of energy and interstellar contact between the worlds.


If you wish to open up your heart and mind to this phenomenal information being made available to you, Ask and Intend to tune into the frequency of The Cosmic Mind. This Universal Consciousness is a broadcast system that encompasses all possible communications between our world and the rest of the cosmos.

It allows the downloading of the outer space messages and information from other universes and more importantly, from the Source into our world!


We are so grateful for all your support and so happy to be on this journey with all of you.

We wish you a truly wonderful 2017, filled with unconditional love on all levels,  creations aligned with who you really are and your higher purpose, and infinite renewal in each moment as you intend it to be so!



The Gods Among Us Team



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